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Big Changes in The Automotive Business: What Will Cars Look Like in 10 Years?

Most automotive creators agree on this one – these next ten years might see more change in the automotive business than the last 20, and there’s been a great deal of progress in those previous 20 years.

Back in the day, there was no radar accessible to detect different vehicles out and about and most cameras still utilized film, making vehicle backup cameras impossible. Radios had either cassette players or CD players and messaging your friends while you were driving didn’t exist.

Today, vehicles have become so cutting edge from that point that it’s stunning. So, what can we expect cars to look like in just 10 more years?

The Future Cars of the Automotive Business

The following deadline referred to by automotive creators as a tipping point is 2025: That’s the point at which they’re looking for cars of the future to drive themselves and for electric batteries to be more prevalent than ignition motors.

Other high-tech ideas automotive creators have are 3D printed exteriors, seamless integration between your car and other devices, automated braking systems, and new, increasingly detailed maps.

3-D Printed Exteriors

The idea of 3D printing automotive exteriors is a hotly contested one. On the one hand, it would make the production of cars cheaper, but place their human passengers at more risk, depending on the material used. Eliminating the use of aluminum has become a trend in car production over the last few years, and 3D printing future cars would be the next big step.

Seamless Device Integration

Integration between your phone and car already has happened in most newer models. But rather than using Bluetooth, as they do now, car companies are pushing for new technologies to streamline your experience (and reduce fatalities related to distracted driving.) Audi, for example, is working on a system that would monitor your pulse, body temperature, and other metrics to automatically adjust the AC, radio, and other features.

Automated Braking Systems

One of the significant movements in the works for the Automotive Business, ten years from now is the development of automatic braking systems, with the hope that fatalities and instances of rear-ending decreases. 20 companies, including big names like Toyota and Honda, signed an agreement to have automatic braking systems as a standard feature in all cars by the year 2022 – closer than you think.

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