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A suspension issue can be dangerous, uncomfortable, and quickly lead to other problems in your vehicle. Discover the signs of common suspension issues, avoid the dangers of driving on an improper suspension, and receive comprehensive, premium care from Greg’s Japanese Auto.

Receive Vital Suspension Services

Ball joints, drive axles, shocks, struts and every other component of your steering and suspension are vital to your vehicle’s overall performance. Routine maintenance and prompt repairs of your suspension system enable you to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Cruise down the highway or dodge through traffic on your daily commute with ease and peace of mind.

When you choose a professional technician for your emergency repairs and routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy fast, efficient, and quality services. At Greg’s, our team is highly trained to diagnose, replace, and maintain any part of your Japanese vehicle. Choose our specialized repair shop for specialized services and dependable quality.

Diagnosing Your Suspension Issues

Problems with your steering? Improper alignment or a worn-out suspension can cause you plenty of headaches. Here are just a few signs that you need to bring your Japanese vehicle to one of our Puget Sound locations:

  • Difficulty turning
  • Unusual tire wear
  • Wandering wheels
  • Clanking, grinding or other odd noises when driving
  • Discomfort when navigating bumps, potholes, and curves

While there could be multiple causes for these issues, all of these signs typically point to a worn-down, broken, or misaligned suspension system. Continued driving while your car is clanking, wandering, or bouncing uncomfortably could further damage your vehicle.

Dangers of Improper Alignment

Don’t stop by just any technician for your routine or emergency suspension and alignment services. Your car, particularly a Japanese make and model, requires specialized repair services. Not all suspension and steering systems are the same, so you need a technician who is skilled and experienced working with your particular vehicle.

When you receive improper alignment and suspension repairs, it can damage other systems in your vehicle. From blown tires to bent struts and grinding brakes, don’t let these additional expenses rack up as you drive on improperly aligned tires.

Professional Suspension Services by Greg’s Japanese Auto

When you’re ready to receive premium care from a highly experienced team of technicians, contact us at Greg’s Japanese Auto today. Stop by, make an appointment, or ask questions to make sure you receive quality care at an affordable price. Restore the same comfortable steering, alignment, and suspension your car had the day it rolled off the assembly line.

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