Keep your car cool in the sweltering heat this summer with professional car air conditioning repair at Greg’s Japanese Auto. Whether your AC isn’t cold enough, your heater isn’t working properly, or there’s an issue with your fan, stop by Greg’s Japanese Auto for a full-service inspection and repair.

Prompt Air Conditioning Repairs

After our team performs complete automotive diagnostics, we’ll discuss any air conditioning issues and identify the source of your AC issue. We’ll get your car serviced quickly and back on the road with our extensive experience working with air conditioner and heater repair.

Signs of Air Conditioning Issues

There are many reasons that your air conditioner may not be running properly. Few of these issues will result in a warning light or sensor, so you’ll have to look for specific signs of air conditioner damage. Most signs are fairly straightforward and easy to identify. Here are just a few signs to watch out for when it comes to routine air conditioning maintenance:

  • Warm air when the AC is running
  • Unusual clicking noise when AC is running
  • Difficulty adjusting temperature or fan speed
  • Inability to switch from AC to heater

If you experience any of these or other unusual symptoms, bring your vehicle into one of our Western Washington shops for accurate diagnostics. We’ll help you understand why your climate control isn’t working properly and what we can do to get you back on the road quickly. Some air conditioner issues result from a lack of refrigerant. Other issues are caused by damaged sensors or more extreme issues. Regardless of the complexity of the task, our shops are equipped with the tools, techniques, and parts you need.

Our HVAC Repair Process

Depending on the exact issue, our mechanics will perform the preventative maintenance and emergency repairs necessary to enjoy a cool car this summer. From air conditioner repair to car heater repair, we only use the highest quality parts and experienced mechanics. Once completed, we’ll ensure your climate control features work properly and keep you comfortable. Our mechanics understand your vehicle and are experienced performing routine maintenance and extensive repairs on Japanese imports.

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Don’t wait to enjoy the cool air of your AC as you cruise down the highway or navigate busy streets. Whether you’re planning a major road trip or looking to stay comfortable during your daily commute, contact us today at Greg’s Japanese Auto to receive prompt service, friendly mechanics, and quality repairs at an affordable cost.

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