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The term "drivetrain" is a collective name for the transmission, differential, driveshaft, and axles of your vehicle. You may also hear it referred to as the powertrain. Each of these parts is made up of individual gears and bearings that need proper maintenance. The drivetrain is critically important since it carries the power from the engine to the wheels, so you want to address any problems that arise right away.

Common Engine Issues to Beware Of

Sometimes, even with thorough routine maintenance, you’ll need to replace important parts on your vehicle’s engine. Greg's Japanese Auto can help you diagnose the problem accurately using specialized tools made for Japanese and Asian imports. Here are some of the most common engine issues to be aware of:

  • Major engine components such as pistons, cylinder heads, and belt drives may need repair or replacement.
  • The engine's valvetrain may need adjustment or repair.
  • Sensors can fail, triggering a CEL. Some examples are the oxygen sensors and the mass airflow sensors.

Once the knowledgeable and professional team at Greg's finds the issue, they'll explain your options for repairs and how long the corrections might take.

What Are Some Signs of Transmission Trouble and How Do You Fix Them?

Listen for any of these signs of a developing problem with your drivetrain:

  • A clicking noise when you make a turn can mean that the CV joint is short on lubrication. This happens when, as the rubber CV boots age, they start to crack and release the grease in the joint with the spinning of the axles. The fix for this is to replace the axle, which is usually far more cost-effective than repairing the faulty one.
  • A clunking noise during gear shifts, a high-pitched whining noise, and/or shaking while the vehicle is in operation can all signal a driveshaft problem. While not every model requires regular driveshaft maintenance, ask a mechanic if the universal joint, slip-yoke, or CV-joint of your automobile have a grease fitting. If so, this should be greased when you have your oil changed. Even with this kind of care, the joints will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.
  • A grinding sound when you turn, a clunk when you speed up or slow down, and/or a whining sound that changes with speed are all signs that could indicate leaking differential fluid. This is the most common reason cars come in for differential repairs. The gaskets and seals keep the fluid inside to lubricate the internal components. When they lose effectiveness and the level gets too low, damage occurs to the parts. To prevent this, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for differential fluid service. If you routinely haul heavy loads, adjust accordingly for the increased wear and tear.

How Can I Prevent Issues with my Vehicle's Drivetrain?

Lubrication is the key to keeping your drivetrain working at maximum capacity. Gears and bearings should be treated with clean oil or fluids regularly. While this may seem like a hassle, it's the most effective way to avoid replacing costly components. Keeping the drive axles greased lubricates the CV joint. Grease inside the bearing caps of the driveshafts extends the life of the parts. Manufacturers package universal joints in grease, but they may need additional lubrication when you change the oil.

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