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A healthy engine drives your automobile and provides the power needed to zip around town and cruise the highway. Keeping the engine operating at peak performance means making sure your car’s cooling system always works correctly.

The cooling system is vital to protecting your engine and transmission. High-performance antifreeze and your vehicle’s radiator work together to remove excess engine heat, keeping temperatures within a safe range. Taking care of cooling system components and making sure antifreeze levels are optimal prevents damage to the engine and keeps you on the road.

Signs of Overheating

Antifreeze is engineered to deliver maximum heat transfer so your engine runs smoothly. Over time, however, debris can build up in the coolant system. Old antifreeze needs to be replaced so it doesn’t corrode sensitive components.

How can you tell if it’s time for cooling system maintenance? There are several signs that the cooling system is having problems:

  • Hoses leak
  • Temperature gauges tell you the engine is running too hot
  • You notice a greenish fluid under the car
  • The engine temperature emergency light turns on
  • You see steam coming from the hood
  • Engine performance drops

If you see any of these signs of overheating, make an appointment with our technicians right away.

Comprehensive Cooling System Repair

At Greg’s Japanese Auto, we do much more than simply check your car’s antifreeze levels. Here’s why our cooling system service is the best:

  • Inspection: Our technicians give your vehicle a complete checkup to make sure that all hoses and belts are in excellent shape. We inspect coolant quality, radiator components, and the water pump for any signs of problems.
  • Maintenance: Taking good care of coolant systems is just as important as getting a regular oil change. This means flushing and refilling antifreeze on a regular basis.
  • Repairs: Our experts recognize problem areas quickly, performing high-quality repairs to cooling system components and installing new belts and hoses when required.
  • Replacement: If your vehicle’s water pump, heater core, radiator or radiator fan is permanently damaged, don’t worry. Our trustworthy technicians take care of total replacement while you wait, getting you back on the road in no time with guaranteed results.

Trustworthy Cooling System Care From the Japanese Auto Experts

Correcting temperature issues right away is essential. If something goes wrong with the cooling system, it can lead to overheating and permanent engine damage. Avoid these costly problems by letting our experts keep your vehicle’s cooling system in top shape.

Schedule an appointment with our pros at Greg’s Japanese Auto for immediate assistance. Whether your Mazda or Honda needs emergency repairs or you just want to keep your Toyota or Acura running smoothly, our experts give you the best results, every time.

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