Many warranties existing in the automotive repair industry are just an elegantly written excuse for lack of quality. Ninety-day warranties are common. We believe that any job we perform should be reasonably expected to last for 24 months or 24,000 Miles.

At Greg’s Japanese Auto we provide a premium service and stand behind it.  We understand that a broken car is stressful. Having a car break down due to the failure of a repair you paid for is even more difficult. By offering the best warranty, we promise not just to repair the failure free of charge but to have the customers experience us taking care of the concern and taking their stress away as well.

Nationwide Limited Warranty

This is the only warranty given to the Customer named on the invoice by Greg’s Japanese Auto.

For the services sent out in the attached work order:

  • The Company provides a warranty for the work performed and parts supplied by the Company under this work order under normal use and service of the vehicle for the earlier of 24 months from the date of the work or 24,000 Miles (unless noted otherwise) in addition to the mileage noted when the vehicle was delivered to the Company for the service.
  • During the warranty term and subject to coverage by the warranty, the Company will remedy the problem (including repair or replacement of parts as the Company decides is appropriate and necessary) at no cost to the Customer. The Customer will deliver the vehicle to the Company’s business during business hours. The Company will provide the required warranty service promptly, subject to availability of parts and work schedules.  In all cases the repair performed under warranty shall be made a priority.

Limitations and Exclusions

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Repairs, towing or replacement vehicle rental expenses incurred without prior consultation with Greg’s Japanese Auto, claims for accommodation and related expenses, loss of wages or of business, or any other claims, damages, or expenses made by the Customer or any other person.
  2. Repairs or replacements made necessary by misuse, abuse, negligence, unforeseen events or any cause other than normal use and service of the vehicle
  3. Parts provided by the Customer or provided by an insurance company or extended warranty company at the Customer’s request
  4. Claims for damage to property, personal injury, death, or other losses made by the Customer or any other person based on events relating to the parts or service provided by the Company, the vehicle, or use of the vehicle.
  5. This limited Warranty constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and will not be changed or discharged except in writing by both the Customer and the President of the Company.
  6. Commercial vehicles will have a 12 month/12,000 Mile warranty.

Call us anytime you believe you may have a warranty concern. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Warranty Terms on Non Standard Parts:

  • Battery Warranty is five years. Not pro-rated.
  • No parts and labor warranty on used parts.
  • Used or rebuilt engines and transmissions we pass along whatever warranty is given to us by our suppliers.
  • Warranty covers parts and labor. No service charges or labor will be charged on any part warranty.
  • Road hazard warranty covers tires for which the road hazard policy was purchased. If a supplier offers us road hazard on a tire that the customer did not purchase coverage for we shall mount and balance it for free as a matter of goodwill.

The purpose of this document is to clearly state our commitment to our customers and the use of quality parts and workmanship at all times.  We will decline to perform a substandard service as we would prefer to explain the cost of quality then have to make excuses for lack of it.


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