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How to Winterize Your Car – Winter Car Safety Tips Every Driver in Washington Should Know

With the fall season gradually approaching, winter will blow in before you know it. Just as preparing your wardrobe to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold months is essential, it is just as important to prepare your car with specific winter car safety tips.

The experts of Greg’s Japanese Auto are here to teach you how to winterize your car with these winter car safety tips to keep it up and running safely this―and every other―winter driving season.

Tire Inspection

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Tires need a strong grip when roads are covered in snow and slick with ice. Therefore, driving with winter tires is recommended. As they are designed specifically for snowy, icy conditions, winter tires ensure safety between your vehicle and the road. No matter what kind of tires you have, whether they be snow tires or regular, they should always have the proper amount of pressure in them; too much air is as bad as having too little. To guarantee your tires hold the correct amount of pressure, schedule a checkup every couple months to give you that peace of mind.

Windshield Wiper Repair

There is vital importance in having quality windshield wipers. While they may seem like a minor aspect to your vehicle, they are dependent on ensuring the visibility of everything and everyone on the road ahead of you. Snow and ice can cling to your windshield and blades, making it hard to see, leading to unnecessary and preventable accidents. Much like winter tires, there are windshield wiper blades explicitly designed to wick away snow and ice to give you a clear view while you are behind the wheel. To properly manage the avoidable incidents involving your vehicle and its visibility, schedule a time to have your wipers tested.

Fluid Check

With the drop in temperature comes many complications. Cold weather can affect the fluids in your engine, impacting its operation. To ensure your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, lubricate your machine and change the current oil for one with different viscosity. Doing so will grease the machine up with a thick oil base, preventing any freezing from happening. It is also recommended to change your windshield wiper fluid to one that leaves your windshield streak-free and protected from various types of condensation as snow can freeze to the glass just as easily. Be sure to have all the fluids in your vehicle checked before the season’s first cold snap with a scheduled maintenance appointment.

Battery Check

Should your battery freeze over, it will not matter how much air you have in your tires, whether you have the right windshield wipers, or if all the fluids in your vehicle are winter-ready. If your battery is ineffective, you will not be going anywhere as your car will not have the power necessary to get itself up and running. Have your battery checked regularly to ensure it is in tip-top shape, and be sure to ask professional technicians what steps you can take to protect your battery from frigid, unforgiving winter temperatures properly.


Emergency Kit

Should your situation take a turn for the worse, you could find yourself on the side of the road this winter. Having an emergency kit tucked away in your vehicle can keep you safe, acting as the perfect piece to get you back on the road. Specifically, your kit should include:

  • Snacks and water
  • A flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Engine coolant
  • A small shovel to dislodge snow
  • Blankets, a thick hat, and winter gloves
  • A bag of kitty litter
  • A windshield ice scraper and brush

In addition, it is also recommended to have access to emergency roadside assistance for events like a flat tire, dead battery, an empty gas tank, or situations where your car breaks down several miles from the nearest reliable auto shop.  

Winterize Your Car in Washington

For more winter car safety tips and additional preparation methods, contact Greg’s Japanese Auto or schedule a free consultation for the car services you know you need.

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