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How To Drive Safe This Holiday Season

Whether you are headed to sunny beaches or frozen mountains, driving during the holiday season can be full of fun, adventure, and occasional danger. There are lots of reasons to enjoy a road trip over the holidays. However, to ensure you and your family drive safe and make it safe and sound to your destination, consider these five important tips for safe holiday driving.

1. Make a Plan, Follow Through

As most things do, holiday driving tends to go a lot smoother with a well-made plan. Even if you are only driving a few miles, it is important to outline your driving. Driving plans can include simple items, like where to eat or fill up your gas tank. Distracted driving is dangerous, especially with vacation traffic and bad weather. Therefore, it is important to overestimate your arrival time and account for stops to check your phone.

2. Check Your Tires, Gas, and Headlights

Check, double check, and triple check your headlights, fluids, and tire pressure before traveling because you can never be too careful. If you are going on a long road trip, take your car to a professional mechanic for a complete inspection. As extra miles can sometimes bring issues to light, it is a set idea to check your vehicle before taking off. You do not want your car to break down over the holidays.

3. Sleep Well, But Not on the Road

Sleep is an essential part of any holiday vacation. While it is nice to sleep in and feel rested, it is particularly important to sleep properly before traveling. Get a full night’s sleep before driving, and try to avoid night driving as much as possible. If you feel like you are getting drowsy, have a plan in mind for staying awake. Whether you take a break and switch drivers, drink coffee, or blast Christmas music, make sure you are able to remain fully alert when driving. Once you have reached your destination, it is okay to dream about whatever you want for however long you want ― you are on vacation, after all.

4. DD Rules Still Count

A “DD”, also known as a Designated Driver, is just as important ― if not more important ― over the holidays. Know who is going to be driving and who is not before you begin the festivities. If you are the DD, remember to drink your eggnog without any rum and save the mulled wine for another night. Drunk driving over the holidays is a real threat and can be particularly dangerous due to weather conditions, additional drivers, and late nights in unfamiliar areas.

5. Watch Out for Vacationers

Spending quality time with your family may cause you to forget about the world around you. Be sure to drive safe and always watch traffic patterns. Many other families will be traveling for the holidays, bringing plenty of cars who have never traveled these roads before. Drive defensively and respectfully to make sure everyone gets home safe.

Prepare Your Car For The Holidays

From Thanksgiving at the grandparents’ to New Year’s Eve in the big city, be sure your car is ready for all of your holiday driving plans. Call or stop by Greg’s Japanese Auto for a complete inspection of your vehicle. Located in Western Washington, our team of highly trained specialists can help you keep your Japanese vehicle running efficiently.

If you have been neglecting any maintenance on your Japanese vehicle, our ASE certified technicians will be able to handle any major or minor repair work expertly, as well as equip you with any other safe winter driving tips. We understand how important it is to spend the holidays with the people you love the most. Let us help you prepare your car to ensure your safety.

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