Tips for defogging your car windshield

6 Tips for Defogging Your Windshield

A foggy windshield is more than just annoying. It is a safety hazard because it limits your field of visibility. No matter what the weather is like outside, it is always possible to have fog build up inside your vehicle. The reason fog forms is due to condensation inside the car that hits the windshield, and due to the fact it is lower than the outside temperature, fog develops. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of that fog so that you can continue driving safely.

Turn on the Air Conditioner

If you live in a city that is hot and humid, then you want to turn on the air conditioner to dry out the moisture inside your vehicle. You should allow the AC to run for a couple of minutes before you dry off to give it a chance to work. You can turn it off once the fog is gone if you do not want cold air in your car for the entire drive.

Turn on the Heater

In the event it is cold outside, then you want to turn on the heater. Cold weather causes dew to form on the windshield. Heating the interior of your vehicle pushes dewy air out of your car. It is a good idea to check what the weather will be like before you leave the house, so you know what kind of air you need in your vehicle.

Avoid Wet Items in Your Car

It is common for drivers to leave wet towels, boots and umbrellas inside your vehicle. The reason this can be an issue is that the wetness can lead to fogging because it makes the whole interior damp. You should shake off any items as much as you can before leaving them in your car. Additionally, it is recommended to place any wet items in the trunk rather than the back seat. You should dry off any people or animals as much as you can before driving off.

Roll Down Your Windows

When the weather is not quite as humid outside but you have a lot of people inside, you should try rolling down the windows. The fresh air will dry out the air inside your car and prevent condensation. Naturally, you should avoid doing this when it rains.

Apply Anti-Fogging Products

To have confidence in your windshield, you should purchase anti-fogging products to coat the windows. When you apply this substance, you want to use a lint-free rag to ensure it goes over the surface evenly. After 24 hours, you should wipe down the windshield after the substance has settled completely onto the glass. For best results, you will want to leave the car doors open so that the fumes can disperse.

Use a Towel

If nothing seems to work to clear the fog off of your windshield, then you should resort to using a towel. Many drivers keep a small towel in their dashboard compartment so that they can quickly remove fog from the inside of their windshield. For best results, you should apply the towel inside and out before you drive off. As you do this, you should run the AC or heater so that you can dry out the air while you use the towel.

Keep Your Heater and HVAC Working with Greg’s Japanese Auto

As you can see, there are several options for getting rid of fog on the windshield. Most people will find the simplest solution is to rely on their HVAC system. Using the AC or heater can give you the best results and restore your peace of mind. In the event you have any issues with this system, then you need to bring your car to Greg’s Japanese Auto. Schedule your next service today so that you can continue to drive safely.

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