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Good Places to Help Your Teen Learn How to Drive Around Seattle

If you have an upcoming driver at your house, you might be wondering how to teach your child to drive. While you could head out on I-5, that might not be the best solution for someone who hasn’t been behind the wheel before. It’ll probably take some time to warm up to that kind of traffic. Try some of the following suggestions for starters.

Magnuson Park

Located in Sand Point, Magnuson Park has various small roads weaving through the entire park. While there will be people in the park to watch out for, it’s a low-traffic area where speeds shouldn’t reach very high. This gives you an opportunity to show your teen some of the specifics of driving, while they drive at only 10 or 15 mph.

Discovery Park

Located in the Magnolia neighborhood is Discovery Park. It has some long stretches that are perfect for the beginning driver. There are some areas that are shaded and others that are in direct sunlight, giving you a chance to teach your teen driver about different lighting situations. With the lighthouse or the bluff as a destination, you can help your child learn how to safely follow directions or a map to find a certain location. The Magnolia area itself is a nice place to teach your teen as well, as it is a quiet neighborhood with long stretches of road.

North Seattle College

There are a lot of empty parking places at North Seattle College during the evening and on weekends. While you should always be considerate of students and faculty at the college, there are some peak times when hardly anybody is there and you have an open area to help your teen focus on parking, starting and stopping, going in reverse, and other skills.

Industrial District

The Industrial District is definitely not suited for your first lesson, but after your teen is comfortable behind the wheel, this is a good place to learn about railroad tracks, viaducts, and eventually venture onto on- and off-ramps to I-5.

Where to Start

Now that you’ve got some physical locations to start at, you should know where to start in the learning process. As you know, there’s a lot that goes into driving a car, and teen driver safety should always be your number one priority. The following are some points to begin with.

  •  Physical Safety – This includes teaching your teen the importance of buckling up, as well as having all passengers buckled. This might be a good time to talk about keeping both hands on the wheel at all times. You could also go over eliminating distractions, such as turning off the cell phone, turning the radio volume down, etc.
  • Basic Maneuvers – This includes teaching about safe braking practices, checking the blind spot before turning, turning correctly, coming to a full stop at lights and stop signs, staying at a safe distance from other cars, and aggressive visual searches for bikers, animals, runners, and other pedestrians.

While most of these skills can be learned at the parks or community college, there are some things that will require heading out on an actual road. Once your teen feels comfortable with safety issues and basic skills, you can venture into residential areas with low speed limits. Again, when your child is comfortable in that environment, you can move the lessons to the highway. Also remember your teen needs practice in the dark, during busy hours, and during different weather conditions as soon as he or she feels comfortable with basic skills behind the wheel.

Keep Your Car in Good Repair

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amazing ski havens

Where Is the Best Skiing Near Seattle?

Seattle is a gorgeous place all year round, with coastal views, incredible atmosphere, and some of the most stunning mountain backdrops seen anywhere. The city’s close proximity to amazing ski havens turns winter snowfall into playtime. Here are three of the best ski resorts near Seattle that are a must for your next trip.

1. The Summit at Snoqualmie: Alpental

  • Satisfyingly tough black diamonds
  • Extreme skiing
  • Exciting and technically complex runs
  • Bucket list destination for skiers

The Summit at Snoqualmie is divided into four separate areas: Summit Central, Summit West, Summit East, and Alpental, and each one is breathtaking in its own right. The same ticket gives you access to any of the areas, making The Summit at Snoqualmie one of the most popular ski resorts in the state, with a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

For professionals, there’s only one place to be: Alpental. It’s one of the most intense and rewarding experiences possible. Massive peaks and steep cliffs combine with gorgeous wooded areas that turn this place into ski heaven. Pro skiers come from around the world to push themselves to the limit here. Don’t forget to apply for a special pass if you want to take on the legendary Alpental Back Bowls and Backcountry.

Best for: Pros and adrenaline enthusiasts

Where to go: Snoqualmie Pass

How to get there from Seattle: Take Interstate 90 east for one hour.

2. Crystal Mountain

  • Spectacular views of Mount Rainier
  • The largest ski resort in the state
  • Close proximity to hotels and restaurants
  • Excellent variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced runs

This resort offers some of the best skiing near Seattle for spending time with friends and family. With a huge selection of runs, it’s easy to hang out with friends and check out perfect slopes together. Crystal Mountain is massive; there are over 2,500 acres of powder to explore, not counting the pristine backcountry views ideal for people who prefer snowshoeing and cross-country trails.

Great for: Couples, families, and groups of friends

Where to go: The eastern edge of Mount Rainier State Park

How to get there from Seattle: Take Interstate 5 south to exit 142A, traveling east on Highway 18 until you reach Highway 164. Follow 164 south to highway 410, and continue east on 410 through Mount Rainier State Park.

3. Mission Ridge

  • Over 2,000 acres to explore
  • Uncrowded slopes
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Sunny weather year round

Mission Ridge is the perfect place for people in search of peace, solitude, and excitement, possibly with some romance thrown into the mix. Whether you want to combine smooth slopes with some photography or show off your shredding skills to friends on an advanced run, this enormous ski spot has it all. Especially beloved is the incredible powder here.

Perfect for: People who crave a mixture of peace and excitement

Where to go: Wenatchee, three hours east of Seattle

How to get there from Seattle: Follow Interstate 90 east until you come to U.S. Highway 97. Follow this road north to Highway 2, and travel east to Wenatchee.

Prepare for the Most Amazing Ski Havens & Trip Ever

amazing ski havens

Seattle’s central location and proximity to so many amazing national parks mean that incredible powder is never far away when winter comes. No matter your preferred way to hit the slopes, the best way to enjoy yourself is to make it an all-day trip or a weekend. Make sure your vehicle is ready to go beforehand with a quick trip to see our experts at Greg’s Japanese Auto. By taking care of necessary winter preparations or vehicle maintenance, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable ski getaway. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment.

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